Yes we make more than just cupcakes!

Our pastry cases are overflowing with outrageous treats every day: cookies, bars, brownies, breakfast delights, ice cream and more.

Yes, of course all of our treats are available for your special orders - just give us a call and we'll get you on your way.


Who Needs a Brownie? Cookies
One bite of this cookie and you will seriously be asking yourself why you'd ever bother with brownies again. These cookies contain pecans that we roast in a special mixture of sweet & spicy magic. Very rich, very chocolatey. Very good.


Vanilla Butter Cookies
A delightful, buttery (almost shortbread-like) cookie. Also available in chocolate! Richer than a sugar cookie and able to be spiced-up with any number of flavorings: orange zest, spices, herbs and more. Our favorite thing to do with these cookies is to cut them out and dress them up. From wedding cakes to ninjas, hedgehogs to dinosaurs, circus animals to hearts - we can create pretty much any cookie to fit any affair. Total bonus that they're so darn tasty.


Lemon Sparkle Butter Cookies
A crunchy-buttery-lemony cookie with a flurry of crunchy lemon sugar on top. Perfect with a cup of tea.


Ginger Molasses Cookies
We obsess over our ginger molasses cookies. Just the right amount of spice and chew, we're talking seriously good. They're so good we pray for some imperfect cookies to come ouf the oven when we're baking them off. We're talking grabby hands all over the place. Mine!


Chocolate Galore Cookies
Called 'galore' because they contain a multitude of delicious ingredients! Swiss chocolate, rice cereal, oatmeal, coconut, pecans! These are thick and hearty cookies - perfect for a dessert table or picnic.


Butterscotch Galore Cookies
Oatmeal scotchies taken to a whole new level! They contain butterscotch chips, rice cereal, oatmeal, coconut & pecans. These are thick & hearty cookies - so so good!


Brioche & Breakfast delights

Saigon Cinnamon Rolls
They taste as good as they look. Jami created the recipe for these cinnamon rolls for a very important man in her life: her father-in-law, Jim Curl. He used to go on and on about his grandma Frazier's cinnamon rolls - he'd describe their deliciousness in detail to Jami every chance he got. So, as the ultimate christmas gift, Jami recreated those cinnamon rolls and Jim Curl's waistline hasn't been the same since.


Our scones are straight from Saint Cupcake's original menu. They're made with heavy cream and lots of butter, so they're light & fluffy but rich and perfect with a cup of tea. Current flavors: blackberry lemon, blueberry orange, cherry coconut chocolate, fig & walnut.


Sticky Buns
Our sticky buns are light and fluffy yet slathered in a rich syrup that has hints of vanilla. We use a brioche dough as the bun itself and the sticky bun syrup is galore-made. These sticky buns are a Curl family Christmas morning tradition. At home, you can reheat their sticky buns in a low oven - that means you can take some home for tomorrow morning!


Chocolate-Filled Brioche Buns
Our version of an elegant & sweet Hot Pocket. A bun of soft brioche stuffed with the finest chocolate. The bun is then topped with crunchy turbinado sugar and baked until golden. At home you can eat these warm (a few minutes in the oven) or room temp. Both ways = delicious.


Hazelnut Brioche
Our housemade chocolate - hazelnut spread slathered inside rich brioche dough then baked until light, fluffy and golden. We drizzle the top with a bit more chocolate goodness then sprinkle the whole thing with roasted Oregon hazelnuts. You want one for breakfast.


Bars, Brownies & More!

Squangleberry Squares
These squares use only the finest squangleberries from Squangleberry County, Ohio. Just kidding. A squangleberry isn't a real thing. This is an oat streusel bar filled with a lemon & blueberry custard. We use real lemon and real blueberries - the combination of the two makes (in our minds) a squangleberry. Ta-dah!


Mimi Bars
Behold, the Mimi Bar! Named after our dear friend Stephanie of Noun, the Mimi Bar is a terrific mix of chocolate, pecans and coconut suspended in an ooey-gooey brown sugar concoction all sitting atop a shortbread crust. Just as awesome as Stephanie herself.


Fig Bars
Figs and cardamom collide with a buttery oat crumble - we had you at cardamom, didn't we?


Pecan Pie Bars
Pecan Pie is good. So good. But it's hard to eat a whole pie on the go. That's why we make this bar. It's like the best part of a pecan pie (the gooey pecan filling and the buttery pastry) in a convenient bar size.


Mexican Vanilla Brownies
Oh, the Mexican Vanilla Brownie. Some might say it's made of magic. All we know is that when Jami is feeling down all she needs is about half of a Mexican Vanilla Brownie to perk her back up again. And if she eats the other half .... look out! Rich and fudgy, never cakey, the Mexican Vanilla Brownie is not for whimps. Fair warning. 


Malted Chocolate Chunk Brownies
CHOCOLATE MALT! MALTED CHOCOLATE! In a brownie. Enough said.


Peanut Butter Brownies
Hey, peanut butter and chocolate get along pretty well. They are even friendly enough to join forces in this decadent treat. BFF's forever? You know it.

Oh my sweet lord, it's all so good! We have ice cream in cups. We have sundaes in cups: Vanilla Bean ice cream with housemade chocolate sauce and sprinkles, Praline ice cream with buttery pecans. We have cookiewiches: brownie cookies with coffee, mint chocolate galore-e-o's, oatmeal cookies with chai ice cream, ginger molasses cookies with caramel pecan ice cream, pumpkin cookies with nutmeg ice cream. We even have a mobile ice cream cart and will roll on over to your place. Just let us know!